Reusable Shipping Crates

The Shipping Crate Company have set the international standard for what collapsible, reusable shipping crates should be. We construct every Shipping Crate to the highest standard so that our customers will have a crate that will not only offer superior product protection, but will also last. We have many customers who have used our crates for 50+ return cycles.

When return cycling or warehousing, Shipping Crate can collapse to just 9” high, a ratio of about 5:1. That’s 1/5 of the truckload or warehouse space! They also ship at freight class 50 when collapsed, which allows for even lower freight costs.

reusable shipping crates

A Shipping Crate can be set up by 1 person in less than 3 minutes. The panels are held together with steel clips that snap into machined slots. There are no special tools, screws, nails or metal banding required.

An attractive feature of the Shipping Crate system for many customers is the fact that they can be used for international export. Because of the heat treating process used during the manufacturing of plywood our Shipping Crates are 100% ISPM-15 export compliant. No heat treating stamps needed.

Built to your specifications, Shipping Crates can be manufactured for virtually any size or shape product.

We currently carry 6 Stock Size Reusable Shipping Crates but we’re always adding more standard sizes to our website for easy ordering.

If you would like more information about any of our shipping crate products, just fill in a quote form or give us a call and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.