Are your Crates heat treated and ISPM-15 export compliant?

ISPM only regulates solid wood products and since at The Shipping Crate Company, we use only plywood and/or OSB, our crates are exempt from these regulations. Because of the heat treating process used during the manufacturing of plywood and OSB our Crates are fully ISPM-15 export compliant. They can be shipped worldwide without worry of problems with customs.

The following articles are of sufficiently low risk to be exempted from the provisions of this [ISPM-15] standard:

Wood packaging made wholly of processed wood material, such as plywood, particle board, oriented strand board [OSB] or veneer that has been created using glue, heat or pressure, or a combination thereof. (ISPM-15 Regulations can be downloaded here)

How much space is saved by the collapsibility feature?

Our Crates collapse to about 175mm high. And unlike traditional crates or metal racks, which do not collapse, the Crate system collapses at a ratio of about 5 to 1 with crates measuring 875mm or taller. This translates to a significant reduction in freight cost by being able to fit 5 times as many crates in a truck for a return cycle. Collapsibility also allows customers to use 1/5 of the warehouse space as compared with traditional non-collapsible crates.

How do you attach and remove the clips?

The simplicity of the clips is one of the most attractive elements of our crates. A Shipping Crate from The Shipping Crate Company can be assembled or disassembled in 2-3 minutes. To attach a clip, fit one end of the clip in the machined slot and push it with the heel of your hand until it snaps into the other slot. To remove simply pop out with a flat screw driver on the longest side.

Can I have a single replacement panel made if one gets damaged?

If a crate gets damaged, you can simply order the required replacement panel without the expense of replacing the entire box. At The Shipping Crate Company, all panel programs are stored in our CAD system, which allows for quick and easy replacement orders.

Can I buy just the clips?

If you lose a clip we will be happy to replace it, but we are unable to sell the clips by themselves. This is because our clips will not perform at a satisfactory level if not used in conjunction with our precision machined panels. We would not be able to guarantee the crate’s integrity or safety.

Can I return my crate

We can except any of the standard crates sizes back if they have not been used in accordance with distance selling regulations. When we receive the crate back and if it is undamaged we will refund the cost of the crate and outbound courier costs. However we WILL NOT cover the cost of shipping the unused crate back to us.

Crates that are not a standard size as listed on our site cannot be returned, as these fall under the distance selling regulations as personalised items.